Sustainable City Plan

Mayor Eric Garcetti recently unveiled his Sustainable City Plan, which ambitiously charts a path for making Los Angeles a greener and more environmentally conscious city over the next 20 years. Among the plan's many recommendations is a call for the construction of more housing units near transit hubs so as to improve the jobs-housing balance and encourage more people to use mass transit more frequently.

By introducing housing to a site centrally located blocks from two Blue Line stations and numerous bus stops, not to mention less that half a mile away from the Expo Line, The Reef Project perfectly fits the mayor's definition of what LA needs more of—transit-oriented developments.

Among the project amenities encouraging the use of alternative means of transportation is the extensive bicycle program, including ample bike parking, bike storage, showers, and repair facility.


The Reef Project will be just steps away from numerous light rail stations and bus stops. In addition to its central location, the project offers many incentives to use alternate means of transportation including car and bike sharing. Bicycle commuters will have access to a full service bike valet, state-of-the-art bike repair facility and bike lockers along with the 1,325 long- and short-term bike parking spaces.